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About Us

Today we must think differently about crop production, due to climate change, depleted natural resources, population growth and availability of land. The Urban Produce High Density Vertical Growing System (HDVGS) has been developed as a sustainable alternative to traditional agriculture, utilizing advanced agriculture technologies in a controlled environment. Our patented technology takes the best of controlled agriculture and increases the yield by stacking produce vertically, in a closed automated environment. Our produce rotates in the building giving all our product equal light and air distribution. This automated system delivers the proper amount of water, and nutrition exactly when needed. The process greatly increases growing efficiency and significantly reduces costs.


Our objective is to build Urban Farms worldwide, bringing fresh produce back to the cities where consumers can buy and eat locally grown product, all while creating jobs in the community and simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint. We will build 100 Urban Farms over the next 3-5 years.